Fight for E.D.N. III in New Lost Planet 2 Trailer

April 16, 2010Written by Thomas Williams

Even though you’ll play as various main characters throughout Capcom’s Lost Planet 2, Capcom did more than just super size the sequel to the original hit title, as the storyline is going to be a major focus for the game and the newest trailer lays out the story for you. Will you fight to save E.D.N. III or Let the vile military force known as NEVEC drain the planet of its life force? After watching this trailer, I can promise you that you’re going to want to enlist in the Snow Pirate Brigade ASAP.


Look for the Lost Planet 2 Multiplayer demo to hit the PSN next Thursday, April 22.

The war over E.D.N. III starts on May 11 in the US and EU. Featuring 4 player co-op and monsters the size of small towns, are you ready for Lost Planet 2?