Rockstar Launches Facebook App – Red Dead Redemption: Gunslingers

April 16, 2010Written by Ray Conley

Rockstar has been garnering a lot of attention with the upcoming release of Red Dead Redemption.  The fan base has been continually increasing since the successful release of the Grand Theft Auto franchise, and now Rockstar is seeking new fans through the power of social networking on Facebook.

Rockstar’s homepage has announced the launch of new a Facebook application, Red Dead Redemption: Gunslingers.  This new application will allow Facebook users to create a personalized gunslinger profile and then challenge other players to a duel that will be rendered in video-like manner.  Other social interactions allow players to flex their street smarts with trash talking and also allow them to form posses.

Here is an excerpt from Rockstar’s website:

  • Inspired by Red Dead Redemption itself, Red Dead Redemption: Gunslingers is an RPG social game experience created specifically for Facebook, where players can duel against friends, foes and strangers alike and level up to become the most notorious gunslinger in the land.
  • Create a Western gunslinger identity for yourself, and choose a character between three strategic classes: Outlaw (power), Fast Hands (speed), and Sharpshooter (accuracy).
  • Challenge opponents to Duels – and see it rendered out through a dynamic and bloody shootout video sequence.
  • Collect dozens of special Achievement distinctions only attainable by a master duelist.
  • Round up a notorious posse of friends to level up quicker.  Talk trash on each others’ character profile Walls.
  • And compete amongst your friends in friends-only leaderboards for unassailable bragging rights – or via the global leaderboards to see if you have what it takes to be the baddest gunslinger worldwide.

Think you have what it takes to outsmart your foes and be the quickest draw on the net?  Ride on over to Facebook and start your posse, ya low down maggot!