MGS Rising Gets a Solid Boost in Development

April 20, 2010Written by Zak Islam

Famed video game developer, Hideo Kojima, the man behind Solid Snake and the Metal Gear series has stated that a new team at Kojima Productions would be working on Metal Gear Solid: Rising. This was due to the Metal Gear Solid 4 crew working on what Kojima calls “Metal Gear Solid 5”, the upcoming PSP game, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker.

However, Peace Walker is just about finished and is ready for its June 8th release date, so what’s next for the Guns of the Patriots team?

The latest Kojima Productions report has now confirmed the development team who had worked previously on Metal Gear Solid 4 and Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker are now working on Metal Gear Solid: Rising. Here’s what presenter Sean Eyestone mentioned in the podcast:

Every once in a while we do this [move around] as one project finishes, then the next project starts up, so the key people have to relocate. Peace Walker’s winding down so Rising is winding up, so people have got to move around.

Although we warmly welcome a new direction with MGS Rising, we’re quite please to know that the talented team behind what we consider to be the best PS3 exclusive to date, will be helping to make Rising another smash hit in the franchise.