Unofficial Mega Man 3D Renders Are Simply Fantastic [UPDATE]

April 20, 2010Written by Dan Massi

When you think of Mega Man (or Rock Man, as he’s called in Japan), you’ll most likely associate him with his uber-difficult, classic 2D platformers. Although various points throughout his plus-20 year career, Mega Man has ventured off in the 3D world, but unfortunately, they did not fair well compared to his other battles against evil robots. While Mega Man has returned to the 2D realm with latest title Mega Man 10, it’s always nice to see some incredible 3D artwork.

3D artist David Espinoza has put together five pieces of magnificent unofficial artwork for Mega Man. Espinoza has worked on titles such as Knights of the Old Republic 2 and Neverwinter Nights 2, plus the 2008 film Get Smart.

Mega Man 10 is the latest title in the series, and released early last month.


Mega Man has been added.