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Bethesda Drops Lawsuit on Fallout Creator Interplay

April 22, 2010Written by Dan Massi

The battle for Fallout began back in October 2009, when Fallout 3 developer Bethesda filed a lawsuit against the creator of the franchise, Interplay. The lawsuit was filed for the rights to both the unannounced Fallout MMO title and the original Fallout games. Interplay, however, decided to fire back, saying that Bethesda was in breach of contract, and that the contract to sell the rights to the Fallout series was now null and void. We have not heard much since both lawsuits were filed, but the newest information certainly makes up for the downtime.

Duck And Cover has reported that Bethesda has backed out of the court battle, and that the lawsuit against Interplay has been dropped. Interplay, however, will not be going down easily, as they have gone ahead with their countersuit against the Elder Scrolls creator. Interplay lawyers have complained that Bethesda carried out the lawsuit against the company to worsen their “negative financial situation.”

With the Bethesda lawsuit dropped, Interplay can now continue work on their Fallout MMO, rumored to be titled Project V-13.