Fallout 76 PS5

Fix for Fallout 76 PS5 Crashing Issues Coming Soon, Promises Bethesda

A large number of Fallout 76 PS5 players are reporting constant crashing issues since the Skyline Valley patch. The game’s subreddit is littered with complaints, some from PS4 players as well. The good news is, Bethesda has taken notice.

When will Fallout 76 PS5 crashing issues be fixed?

Although Bethesda has acknowledged the problem, the developer hasn’t offered a specific release date for a fix. That said, a patch is in the works and should be out “soon.”

As spotted by MP1st, Bethesda addressed the problem on both its Discord channel and its help site. “Just an update on the PSN crashing and flickering at vendors/crafting benches: the team is working hard to resolve these issues and we hope to have a fix live soon,” reads a message on Discord.

Bethesda’s help site goes a step further and offers a workaround. Unfortunately, however, it doesn’t work. The troubleshooting steps are your standard steps, like restarting the game, power cycling the console, clearing save data, uninstalling/reinstalling the game, and — wait for it — contacting PlayStation Support.

Given that these troubleshooting steps don’t work, we recommend just waiting for a patch to drop. We’ll make sure to share the patch notes for our readers here.