Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Development Time Revealed

If you’re going to purchase one PSP game in 2010, Kojima Production’s Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker looks to be it. It ‘strutted’ to perfection in the latest issue of Famitsu, receiving a 40 out of 40. With development time continuously increasing and more and more games being delayed now more than ever, MGS: Peace Walker must have taken quite a bit of time to create, right? Wrong! Hideo Kojima explains why this Metal Gear might took almost no time to develop.

If you follow the legend himself, Hideo Kojima, on his twitter account, then you know ‘The Man’ is always discussing his views on games or passing out behind the scenes notes about his newest title. Here’s what he had to say about Peace Walker’s development time:

I want to reflect on this project’s schedule. I had PW’s plot design a couple years back but, we officially started the project August 2008. Then in September we had a project get-away. In December we got the details narrowed down for the project and the MGS4 staff came back to the studio safely after their long vacation. The story concept was solidified in March and narrowed down to a script in June. Then voice recording started the following month. In reality, the development period was only one year.

I must say…congrats to the Hideo and the team that worked on the game! Sure, developing on the PSP is a world of difference than developing on the beast that is the PS3, but still, job well done on creating what may be the best looking PSP game released, ever.

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker looks to put the spotlight on the PSP when it hits on June 8th in the US and June 17th in the EU.