R.U.S.E. Not Making Summer, Skips Toward Fall

April 24, 2010Written by Dan Massi

Ready for a real-time strategy game with a World War II setting? Well, sorry, but you should stop your boot camp training. Following “massive” feedback from players in the R.U.S.E. public beta test, developer Eugen Systems has sat us down, and delivered some bad news.

It has been announced that R.U.S.E., the World War II real-time strategy game, has been delayed from its June 4th release, to September 2010. The title recently ended its public beta test on Steam, and after loads of feedback from players, Eugen Systems decided to postpone the title. During the delay, the developer will be working on the following:

• The multiplayer menus and filters

• The unit selection

• The order assignment

• The unit behavior and pathfinding

• The strategic AI behaviour

• The anti-lag policy and kick system

• and the game balance of course

R.U.S.E was first scheduled for the end of 2009, then moved to Q1 2010, followed by the June 4th 2010 release. Now, September 2010 is hopefully the last delay we’ll have to hear about for this game. Please.