Bodycount Developer Has Harsh Words For Realism in Games

April 26, 2010Written by Zak Islam

Current generation console video games are primarily based on realism more than anything else these days. The creator of Codemasters’ upcoming Bodycount believes fun in a game should be focused on before realism in games.

Bodycount developer Stuart Black has delivered his thoughts on realism in games during an interview with The Guardian.

If realism doesn’t help the game, f*ck it, throw it away. I don’t want Bodycount to reflect the reality that I’m in, I’ve got enough of that around me. I want to go somewhere else – I want to be lifted up, to forget about my troubles, and escape.

Black goes on to talk about the developers he will be working with, Codemasters.

I’ve known Codemasters all my gaming life, but I’d never thought about working for them. And when I went up there – I was just really impressed by the attitude towards development. It felt like, here’s a place I can get some creative freedom, some creative control and really develop something I want to develop.

Stuart Black is the man behind original FPS cult-classic “Black.”