Firmware 3.30 Causing Some Game Crashing

There is sometimes a cruel irony to PS3 firmware updates. Usually when released, firmware updates are intended to fix system related problems, or to debut a new feature. However, there are almost always some PS3 owners who claim to experience issues after downloading the latest firmware update.

Various amount of PlayStation 3 users are reporting freezing/crashing errors with their Dragon Age: Origins copies. This is after those users have updated their consoles to the latest firmware update, 3.30. The issue has seemed to plague both fat and slim models of the PlayStation 3, with complaints revolved mostly around freezing. User “scorpgul” on the BioWare forums began the onslaught of frustration, saying that his copy of the RPG had froze seven times since he downloaded the update. Another user reported that his copy had froze twice over a half-hour period, while he had played the game without problems for four days before the update hit. The freezing has also affected PS3s in both North American and European regions. According to BioWare’s Fernando Melo, the developer is working with Sony to resolve the issue. We’ll, of course, keep you posted on that.

So, PlayStation LifeStyle readers, are there any problems with your copies of Dragon Age: Origins? Leave a comment below and let us know.