Ninja Theory’s Enslaved Website Unchained: Trailer Countdown

April 27, 2010Written by Ray Conley

Ninja Theory made quite a slashing entry into the next gen gaming console with their PS3 exclusive Heavenly Sword in 2007. Even though gaming critics didn’t give them a warm reception, that didn’t stop Ninja Theory from picking up the pieces to push out their next cross-platform title Enslaved.  So far, only screenshots of the gameplay have surfaced, and now Ninja Theory has recently launched an official teaser website.

As the webpage loads, it flashes dramatic scenes from the game with fade-ins of text to build the premise.  After the flashy intro, the site then teases a countdown for the first released trailer of the game .  Finally, fans of the UK developers can now look forward to an official release date of a trailer in just under two weeks.

In someway, I actually find myself quite surprised of the trailer announcement and the fact that it will be released before E3.  Perhaps, though, this move by NT will help draw some attention for an E3 crowd and allow them to make a grander appearance when the time comes. We’ll be sure to keep you posted on any developments with Ninja Theory’s apocalyptic, sci-fi action game.