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Half-Minute Hero Gets Half-Sequel

April 30, 2010Written by Heath Hindman

Developer Opus Studio has revealed a “spiritual successor” to the critically acclaimed PSP RPG Half-Minute Hero. Called Jikan de Phantasia (“Jikan” simply meaning “time” in Japanese), it’s set to be released in Japan this July.

Half-Minute Hero was unique for its short play sessions and premise of saving the world in 30 seconds. Jikan de Phantasia looks to continue the legacy, as it actually allows the player to begin the game by selecting how long the play time should be. For example, if a player only wants to play for five minute, he or she would input such at the game’s beginning, and the game will then generate a dungeon and boss that are beatable in that amount of time.

Gameplay of Jikan de Phantasia will come in 2D side-scrolling action RPG form. Not many other gameplay details are known at this time.

XSEED brought Half-Minute Hero to North America in 2009, though given how recent this announcement is, the company has not yet said whether or not it will also be localizing Jikan de Phantasia. Gamers can get a first glimpse of this title at its official Japanese website.