“World Exclusive” PS3 Games Close to Being Revealed

At the end of each month’s issue of PSM3, the unofficial PS3 magazine by Future Publishing Limited, gives a brief preview of what’s to come in the following month’s issue. In this month’s preview, the magazine is teasing not one, but two major “world exclusive” PS3 announcements that will be revealed in their next issue.

According to the preview, next month’s issue of PSM3, on sale starting June 3 will feature the following:

A top secret World Exclusive PS3 reveal.

A second World Exclusive reveal – and no, we can’t talk about this one either. Or give you any clues …

Not to crush your hopes, but the last “world exclusive” reveal PSM3 had, was a first look at F.3.A.R. which wasn’t a PS3 exclusive at all. However, this time PSM3 is calling it a “top secret World Exclusive PS3 reveal”, so it is likely to be a PS3 exclusive of some sort.

They’re also speaking of another reveal, calling the second one only a “World Exclusive reveal” leading us to believe that one is multiplatform.

Many are speculating that the second reveal is none other than the freshly revealed Call of Duty: Black Ops, however, that cannot be the case, as right below the teaser for the second reveal, they mention they’ll also be featuring a “reveal-all” of Call of Duty 7, which is Call of Duty: Black Ops.

All of this, right before E3? It’s time to start getting excited. Sony has been uncharacteristically quiet so far this year about upcoming titles (aside from the PlayStation Move), so it seems the console manufacturing giant is readying the big guns for June, just in time for E3.

PlayStation LifeStyle will be covering E3, live from the show floor, so be sure to stick with PlayStation LifeStyle for all your E3 coverage. We’ll bring you any updates on these teased games as it happens.

What do you think the games could be? Let the speculation begin.

[Thanks to The Hater for the tip!]