Metal Gear Solid Could be Peace Walking to the PS3

May 4, 2010Written by Thomas Williams

One of the most common complaints about the PSP is the lack of a second analog nub. Many titles have been hampered in the past due to the lack of a sensible control scheme and while Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker offers two different solutions to the problem, just imagine how the game would control with a solid Dualshock 3 controls on a 52″ HDTV. Now its looks like these dreams are not too far-fetched as Konami may have special plans behind the scenes.

Ben Perlee, contributor for the recently redesigned magazine Gamepro, attended the ‘Peace Walker bootcamp experience’ and was asked some mighty interesting questions about MGS: Peace Walker. Ben had the following to say in regards to the event:

So after I had done the preview, [Konami] had a Q/A session with us to get our complaints/ideas about the game. Other than the basics, they asked what we thought about if they released it on PSN for the PS3 as well and had online multiplayer.

Perhaps Konami was just interested in Ben’s response? Yeah, maybe. However they wrote down his response! Hideo Kojima has a ‘secret project’ in development… could a PS3 version of Peace Walker be it?

Tell us PlayStation LifeStyle fans, would you buy a PS3 version of Peace Walker? Would you buy both? Heck, are you going to buy a PSP just to play the new Metal Gear game? Let us know in the comments below or discuss it with other PSLS fans in our Official Forums.