Rock Band Named Culprit for Saggy Viacom Sales

May 4, 2010Written by Kishen Patel

Electronic Arts and MTV Games’ Rock Band series took what Activision started with Guitar Hero into a whole new level. With its frequently updated roster of downloadable tracks, superior online multiplayer, and new features added on such as the upcoming Rock Band Network, it is hard to believe that the Rock Band series has lagged in profitability since the inception of the franchise.

Once again, the parent company of MTV, Viacom, is up in arms about the lack of financial return on the Rock Band franchise. Evidence of this was made apparent when analysts pointed out the game’s lack of presence on sales charts and even when Harmonix decided to pull the plug on the PSP title, Rock Band: Unplugged. According to Viacom’s chief financial officier, Thomas Dooley:

“Worldwide ancillary revenues declined seven percent, reflecting lower sales of Rock Band music video games.”

In the financial report, it was revealed that sales of the first quarter dropped four-percent with Rock Band an influential factor to the drop. With Green Day: Rock Band releasing soon, profits for the next quarter should rise. Anyways, do you consider yourself a supporter of the Rock Band franchise or are you not surprised by these reports?