LBP2 To Support Mouse And Keyboard

May 10, 2010Written by Kyle P.

For the past few days, the gaming world has been fixated on the official unveiling of LittleBigPlanet 2. Today was the day for the unveiling. A plethora of new information and an official trailer hit the internet. Among the notable additions to the sequel is the ability not only to customize your own platforming level, but literally, transform it into anything you want. All this customizing may become a chore, however, so Media Molecule has just the solution for you.

Responding to a question posed by NowGamer, Media Molecule’s Creative Director Mark Healey, talked about why his studio decided to use the PS3 controller to create levels, rather than an extensive PC development toolkit.

“The funny thing is that the PC tools we were using were quite crap, to be honest, a pain in the arse, and it got to the point where the pop-it in Create mode was actually much better.

“Obviously, we’ve really embraced that now, and from scratch [on LBP2] we’ve only been using that to create stuff. Which is the obvious thing to do really because it forces us to make the improvements that mean you can do things better and faster, so it’s real-time playtesting of it, if you like. But something we’ve also added is keyboard and mouse support for the PS3, so you can draw things and navigate Pop-it with a mouse and stuff.”

In the long run, this decision will probably benefit everyone. With the extensive list of customizations and options Media Molecule is planning on giving gamers, a keyboard + mouse combination might just be what the doctor ordered. Of course, either way, this option shouldn’t be a game seller, as the game is looking absolutely spectacular.