United Front Games Spark Interest in Unannounced New IP

ModNation Racers’ development studio, United Front Games, was established 2007 and almost immediately began production of the unique upcoming kart-racing title. Although the studio itself has no previous experience with video game releases, they are also working on a multi-platform title called True Crime which should be releasing later this year. However, that’s not the end of the list as apparently the studio has plans for yet another upcoming video game.

According to a recent job listing, United Front Games has plans for a new videogame IP. The listing also says the following under the requirements section:

special interest in open world games

ModNation Racers looks like it’ll be a huge success so far, so it’ll be interesting to see what United Front Games has up their sleeve. Whether it’ll be a PlayStation 3 exclusive or not is uncertain, but another unique Create, Play, Share title wouldn’t be a bad idea granted it’s executed properly like ModNation Racers.