Your ModNation Racers Career Starts Now With This New Trailer

Let’s face it, the real ‘meat and potatoes’ of ModNation Racers is the ability to create your very own track, and true to United Front’s word, it’s as simple as eating pie. Seriously. If you’ve played the beta, then you know that creating your own track is a breeze. But not all of us want to create our own tracks or race with a buncha’ strangers. Some of us want a single player mode along with some kind of storyline. United Front Games heard our request, and we have the newest trailer for you showcasing the single player career mode which is just as deep and addictive as any other mode in the game!

Your career begins as Tag. You’ve worked hard to get to this spot, starting as a graffiti artist with dreams of becoming an Elite ModNation Racer. You’ll battle and race your way through 28 unique tracks as you chase after the Championship. Are you ‘Mod’ enough to become the Champ? Check out the trailer below and let us know in the comments what element of ModNation Racers has you the most excited.

ModNation Racers hits Europe on May 21st and the US on May 25th and is easily the biggest PS3 release this month!