PlayStation Move Priced North of the Border

May 12, 2010Written by Steven Garcia

Sony’s PlayStation Move was met with much praise back in March when it was officially detailed to the world. Promising real time precision tracking in 3D space and a magnitude of support for both casual and hardcore titles, a reception of anything less was a highly unlikely scenario. Still, being uber excited about an upcoming product and being willing to actually pony up the money to take it home are two very different emotions. But just how much does Sony expect to charge for this wonderful piece of magic? Well, aside from the “under $100” that Sony’s been totting around lately, we’re not any closer to knowing for sure… unless, of course, you consider the Canadian Gamestop listing for the device that popped up recently.

In spite of Sony’s policy of keeping mum, Gamestop Canada took the liberty of publicly posting the controller online for pre-oder at the low, low price of $59.99. We were skeptical at first, thinking the price could just be a placeholder, but put back on our tin foil hats when we noticed the listing had mysteriously disappeared. While we’ll still hold final judgment until Sony makes an official announcement, pinning the cost of entry to share the amusement with a friend in the area of at least $60 really makes you think how expensive things can get. Then again, the DualShock 3 and its pseudo motion control abilities are currently sitting at just around $5 less, so it’s not so bad. Right?