Eutechnyx Gets Massive Cash Boost For “Ground-Breaking” Racer

May 14, 2010Written by Zak Islam

Eutechnyx, the developers behind PlayStation 3 exclusive Supercar Challenge and racer Ferrari Challenge, had revealed a few months back that they’re working on an unannounced PlayStation 3 racer. Not much is known about the game, but the developers have now received a massive cash boost for what is described as a “ground-breaking new title” which will revolutionize the racing genre.

One of the world leading independent videogame developers, Eutechnyx, has obtained a £6 million (around $8.7 million) investment from venture capital firm Prime Technology Ventures. The company describe Eutechnyx’s upcoming racer as a “a ground-breaking new title set to revolutionize the racing genre”. Monish Suri, general partner at Prime Technology Ventures said:

When we saw what Eutechnyx was working on, we knew we had to be involved, particularly given Eutechnyx’s track record, design heritage and jaw-dropping technology.

Eutechnyx CEO Brian Jobling stated:

As an independent developer, this infusion will help us to continue to forge our own destiny within a rapidly changing games industry. Not only does the investment enable us to continue to innovate, we can continue to do so on our own terms.

Based in the UK, Eutechnyx has worked on various racing titles, all the way from 1997. Most noticeably for Supercar Challenge. The company have an upcoming sandbox-styled video game Ride To Hell scheduled for a release in 2011.