Major Gaming Publisher Turns Left, Secures NASCAR Game Publishing Rights

Despite being on the premier Racing Leagues in the world, NASCAR hasn’t had quite the track record in regards with their videogames that they would like. After many disappointing attempts by Electronic Arts, EA let the rights expire to pursue other areas of interest. For those looking for their ‘true’ NASCAR gaming fix, if rumors are true, than one of the biggest publishers around have secured the publish rights for the 2011 Edition of NASCAR gaming and it might just throw you for a spin.

If a ‘NASCAR’ insider is to be believed on the official EA forums, it looks as if none other than major publishing rival, Activision, has picked up the rights to publish Eutechnyx’s NASCAR 11. Eutechnyx has developed such past racing titles as Supercar Challenge and Test Drive Lemans, so the team has some racing game experience under their hood. And after receiving a  £6 million ($9.25 million) investment from Dutch VC firm Prime Technology Ventures, Eutechnyx is floating on cloud 9 at the moment.

Rumor has it that we should be on the lookout for NASCAR 11 to hit 2 weeks before 2011’s Daytona USA, but for those of you who want their NASCAR gaming fix ASAP, make sure you drop the dough for Gran Turismo 5 this November, which features a mode devoted the premier racing league.