First Patch for ModNation Racers Will Address Loading Times

May 14, 2010Written by Jonathan Leack

With less than 2-weeks until its debut, ModNation Racers is one of the hottest games to talk about so far this month. However, some reviewers have already criticized the game for having long loading times in-between races and menus. Thankfully, United Front Games is aware of the issue and have stated that they are already working on a fix.

In a new interview between IGN and United Front Games employees including Dan Sochan and Vernon Mollette, both were asked about whether or not they are aware of the load-time issues. Dan Sochan replied with the following:

We’ve seen some comments about the load times, which is something we’re aware of. It’s something we’re working on. It wasn’t an oversight on our part at all. The way that our technology was built we were able to keep file sizes really, really small for transfer times of less than a second or a second and a half. We didn’t want it to be so that you and I go online and you want to try a track I’ve built that’s 50MB and then have you have wait five minutes to download it. That immediately became an obstacle in sharing so we created a file system where everything is built dynamically and on the fly.

Dan went on to say:

The challenge with that is we’re building an entire world, an entire character, an entire kart, and 12 characters online, all on the fly. There’s a lot of compositing that happens with the stickers and all the different parts. Because of that, there are longer load times, but that’s something we’re working on for one of our first patches, to improve that and get that down significantly.

It’s official folks. United Front Games have not only already planned a first patch for the beautiful and content-rich ModNation Racers, but a core issue that several people have had with both the beta and the final product is being personally addressed. How much of a difference the patch will make is up to time to tell. Hopefully it’s significant enough to make loading times a non-issue, which will make way for more playtime in the long run.