Want Over A Trillion Weapon Options? Blacklight: Tango Down Has Them

Blacklight: Tango Down is a new shooter that developer Zombie Studios and publisher Ignition Entertainment are calling a AAA title in downloadable form. Their latest claim about this game? There are trillions of options for the game’s weapons. Check out some screenshots of the customizations available after the break!

Though it may be a technicality, the game’s loadout system does allow for a multitude of options. According to the folks at Ignition, there are over 152 million different primary weapon, 157,248 secondary weapon and 312 character model/camouflage combinations. You see, the game’s weapons are really five different core weapons, such as a shotgun or sub-machine gun that you then customize. These are all based in reality as well, so no futuristic BFGs here! Blacklight: Tango Down is launching this summer.