VT Tennis Serving Up Fun on the PSP and PS3

May 15, 2010Written by Zak Islam

Considering it takes developers only days to get their games approved and tested by Sony, the PlayStation Minis service is certainly becoming a great way for smaller developers to get their work published. In this case, Spain-based developers, Virtual Toys, plans to bring their Tennis port to the PlayStation platform.

Virtual Toys has announced that their latest title, VT Tennis, based on the iPhone and DSiWare ‘smash’ hit, is set to be released on May 26th on the PlayStation Store. If you haven’t figured out already, it’s based on Tennis tournaments, with the ultimate aim to become the best Tennis player in the world.

Players statistics can be increased in the broad range of game modes, including the obvious Quickmatch, World Championship and Tennis School. There’s also a plethora of courts which can be unlocked via progression in the career mode.