This Week in PlayStation – May 21st

As announcements for new games and hardware come and go, it’s easy to lose sight of the momentous events that shaped the gaming world into what it is today. This Week in PlayStation highlights Sony’s rich videogame heritage, which dates back to the 1980’s. Step back in time with us as we put the spotlight on events big and small that have significantly altered the gaming culture.

This Week in PlayStation May 15th – May 21st

May 15th

  • 2000 – JamPack Summer 2K, featuring all the latest demo’s and teaser’s of the hottest games, releases for the PlayStation.
  • 2007 – Sony acquires the exclusive MLB license, and releases MLB 07: The Show for the PlayStation 3. This is Sony’s first foray into the PS3 for their acclaimed baseball series. The PS2 and PSP versions had released months earlier.

May 16th

  • 2002 – Hitting the Japanese shores is the highly-anticipated Final Fantasy MMORPG, Final Fantasy XI. The game would go on to rock the world. Two years later, Square Enix revealed that there were still 500,000 daily users, from around the globe.
  • 2005 – A day that will certainly be in the hearts of many gamers, for the rest of their lives. At the 2005 E3 convention, Sony announced the company’s highly anticipated successor to the PS2, the PS3, and will release in Spring 2006. While that release date would eventually not turn out to be true, Kaz Hirai and Ken Kutagari showed the world the prototype and unveiled the specifications for the console. Kutagari even went as far to say the PS3 is a “supercomputer for computer entertainment”.
  • 2008 – If family game nights were getting boring, why not spice up the evening with Hasbro’s FAMILY GAME NIGHT Video Game? Electronic Arts reveals development of the game for the PS2 and Wii.

May 17th

  • 2002 – Konami’s International Superstar Soccer 2 releases for North American PS2 audiences.

May 18th

  • 2009 – Coming exclusively for the PSP, Rock Band Unplugged is looking to take the same great experience that millions of music-loving gamers have in their living room, on the road. The full set list for the game is unveiled. Featuring over 40 songs from a handful of era’s and subgenres, Rock Band Unplugged is shaping out to be a legitimate portable title.

May 19th

  • 2008 – Amiss a swirl of controversy in the press, EA announces an extension of their Take-Two buyout deal. The new expiration date is now June 16th.
  • 2009 – Coming out for the PS3, PS2, Wii and Xbox 360, Rock Band Track Pack: Classic Rock hits North American retailers. This $29.99 title looks to add to the traditional Rock Band experience by highlighting many of the classic rock songs that shaped the industry.

May 20th

  • 1999 – Hello Kitty’s Cube Frenzy releases for the PlayStation. Finally, gamers will be able to fully enjoy their Hello Kitty obsession, from the comfort of their couch.

May 21st

  • 2007 – Electronic Arts announces that they have acquired an equity investment in one of China’s largest online game operators, The9 Limited. The deal also gives The9 Limited exclusive publishing rights EA SPORTS FIFA Online for mainland China.
  • 2007 Ubisoft announces they are rapidly expanding their casual games division, and focusing more on new IPs, such as “My Coach”.
  • 2008 – Best known for their work on Heroes Lore, Hands-On Mobile Korea is bought by Electronic Arts.
  • 2008 – Finally, the long wait for European music fans is over. The first legitimate contender to the long-standing Guitar Hero series, Rock Band, ships to European retailers.