Dante’s Inferno 3 in The Works?

May 22, 2010Written by Zak Islam

Yes, you read that right… 3, not 2. Dante’s Inferno 2 was rumored to be in the works yesterday with a job listing suggesting a sequel was hell-bound. Now, evidence points towards a third installment in the hellish franchise from Electronic Arts.

According to superannuation, a CV which has been taken down, showed Jonathon Knight, Executive Producer of Dante’s Inferno stating:

Electronic Arts 2001-current* Creator and executive producer of an original action/adventure trilogy currently in production.

A project which was outed yesterday, was described the sequel to a major new IP at the award-winning Visceral Games. Heavily indicating towards a sequel to Dante’s Inferno. But now with this CV evidence, the sequel may very well be in the works with a third game completing the trilogy. It’s not a surprise since Dante’s Inferno managed to sell over 1 million units so the continuation of the IP would make sense.