Job Listing Hints at Dante’s Inferno Sequel Hell-Bound

Creators of Dante’s Inferno, Electronic Arts and Visceral Games, have seen both critical as well as commercial success for the hack-and-slash title. Not releasing a sequel would surely be a deadly sin, however, it may come sooner rather than later.

The job listing, dug up by superannuation suggests that a new game in the franchise is in the works.

Visceral Games is looking for an experienced Environment Artist for an existing action/adventure franchise. This is a major opportunity to contribute to a bold new franchise, heavily backed by the EA Games Label.

Interestingly, the project is the sequel to a major new IP at the award-winning Visceral Games, The game from Visceral Games will be heavily backed by EA who are “100% committed to this IP”. The game sequel will apparently set new quality standards and make the franchise the “world-leader in the action/melee-combat genre.” Well, they did a good job on hyping what ever the game could be.

Dante’s Inferno executive producer Jonathan Knight said he had read the entire divine comedy but had no plans for creating a sequel to the game.