Dante Won’t Have Second Date Within Hell

February 6, 2010Written by Zak Islam

Visceral and EA have spoken about how much they can’t wait for players to experience Dante’s adventure into the depths of Hell in the upcoming Dante’s Inferno. The developers have released their plans regarding Dante’s continuing adventures in a sequel.

Dante’s Inferno is releasing on February 9th, and executive producer Jonathan Knight spoke about the team’s delight in creating Dante’s hell:

We cannot wait for players to experience the terrifying and exhilarating vision of Hell that awaits in Dante’s Inferno. This team did an amazing job adapting a 700 year-old piece of literature and creating a captivating, thrilling, grotesquely beautiful experience that both gamers and literature fans will enjoy.

Knight also spoke to IndustryGamers revealing that Dante’s Inferno II won’t exist any time soon:

I’ve read the entire divine comedy and I’ve given it some thought, but there are no plans.

The leaked new DLC was detailed recently, and it has now been confirmed by the that Dante’s Inferno will indeed be receiving its first DLC including an intriguing co-op component and a level creator:

And to top it off, we are thrilled to bring online multiplayer and content creation to the game in April.

Dante’s Inferno is now available in European stores, and North America will receive the game on February 9th.