Stig Asmussen Gives Dante’s Inferno Some Props

Dante’s Inferno has been released upon the masses for the fans of games and the Divine Comedy alike. It’s no secret that many elements from Dante’s Inferno were directly inspired by God of War. What does God Of War III‘s director have to say on his game being imitated? Surprisingly enough, it’s rather pleasant.

God of War 3 director Stig Asmussen made Dante’s visit to hell a tad more heavenly, while he spoke to the Official PlayStation Magazine:

We’ve been intrigued about Dante’s Inferno. This is my favourite genre, and the more people that are making [these games] the better. And this is a really rich story they’re building on, it’s very interesting. The day that the demo came out we were trying to download it on PSN at midnight. We all wanted to see it.

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