Jedi: Fallen Order Dev Doesn’t Think Live Service Lured People Away From Single-Player Games

God of War III and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order director, Stig Asmussen, has said that he thinks live service games expanded the market but didn’t necessarily “take away” players from the single-player market.

Asmussen, who works for Respawn Entertainment under Electronic Arts, told Los Angeles Times:

In 2014, I don’t think we were talking about single-player action-adventure games being an endangered species. That’s something that happened while we were working on the game. There was a rise in game experiences that were service-based and people could continue playing over and over. But we stuck to our guns. This is the type of the game we were going to make. I think what happened is live service games expanded the market, but they weren’t taking away the players who wanted to play a single-player action-adventure.

Asmussen’s remarks are in stark contrast to EA’s previous philosophy. When Amy Hennig’s Star Wars project was canned and Visceral Games shut down, much of the management’s discourse surrounded “shifts in the marketplace” away from “story-based, linear” adventures. The publisher has since shown flexibility in its approach, giving Respawn the freedom it needed to develop Jedi: Fallen Order.

That flexibility seems to have paid off. Jedi: Fallen Order has broken multiple sales records and although EA didn’t share specific numbers, the company was delighted to announce the milestone.

“On behalf of Respawn and EA, we thank everyone for their support of the studio and the team throughout the development and launch of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order,” said Respawn head, Vince Zampella. “Telling a story in the Star Wars galaxy is a dream come true and the reception from the fans has been incredible.”

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[Source: LA Times]

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