Dante’s Inferno Gets Divine Discount

EA and Visceral Games’ recent hack-n-slash, Dante’s Inferno, has drawn strong comparisons to God of War III. With the new IP releasing so close to the latest installment of the well-established God of War franchise, Dante’s Inferno may have been skipped by those waiting to get their hands on more Kratos, when God of War III releases in just 3 weeks.

For those of you who were holding out on picking up Dante’s Inferno, one online retailer has a divine deal that might just get you to take the plunge into Hell.

As part of Amazon.com’s deal of the day promotion, the Divine Edition of Dante’s Inferno has had its price reduced to $45.99. Couple that with Amazon’s free super saver shipping, and you’ve got one hell of a deal.

If you haven’t picked up Dante’s Inferno, today is the time to do so, because after today, the price will return to its normal $59.95 retail price. Head on over to Amazon.com now and pick up Dante’s Inferno: Divine Edition.