Red Dead Redemption Deal is Too Good to Miss

May 22, 2010Written by Zak Islam

One of the biggest and most anticipated releases of the year, Rockstar’s wild west shooter, Red Dead Redemption, is already facing unit shortages in the United Kingdom with North America undoubtedly following suit soon. So, what better time to jump on a deal which is, believe me when I say this, too good to miss.

Amazon is offering Red Dead Redemption for an unbeatable price of $49.99. A saving of $10 for what is most likely a short-term special offer. So, be sure to jump on this deal before it’s sold out or goes back to its original price.

Trust us when we say this, Red Dead Redemption is a game which you do not want to miss, so head on over to the worlds largest online retailer and grab yourself this deal.

Stay tuned for PlayStation LifeStyle’s review of the game soon.