New Super Street Fighter IV DLC is Beautiful

Capcom is once again hard at work churning out more downloadable content for everyone’s favorite fighter, Super Street Fighter IV. This time the team decided to cater to the ladies in the line-up, offering an array of new, alternate outfits, which seems to be the norm with essentially all Street Fighter DLC lately.

This new costume pack simply goes by the name of the “Super Beauty Pack” and will be available in this week’s PlayStation Store update for the usual price of $3.99, which still seems a bit pricey for a costume pack, if you ask me. It appears all but obvious that, based on consumer feedback, Capcom is milking its fans when it comes to this DLC, as none of it has been free, even with loyal fans shelling out another $40 for Super Street Fighter IV in addition to their copy of the original Street Fighter IV, thus sky-rocketing sales numbers.

Do you plan to pick up this latest round of Super Street Fighter IV goodies? Do you think it’s worth it? Let us know in the comments below! In the meantime, be sure to keep your eye out for our PlayStation Store preview which will feature this and many other awesome additions hitting the PlayStation Store later today.

Clip below to view some of the costumes available in the Super Street Fighter IV “Super Beauty Pack”.