Kung-Fu LIVE Developer Calls Out Microsoft

May 26, 2010Written by Mike Hartnett

In the most recent entry on the Official PlayStation Blog, Teemu Maki-Patola, Virtual Air Guitar Company CEO and main man behind the upcoming PSN title Kung-Fu LIVE, has called out Microsoft’s upcoming Project Natal, essentially stating that Sony has beaten them to the punch!

Mr. Maki-Patola has stated the following:

We also found ourselves in the middle of the rising motion gaming discussion as many of the stories call out that our game already does what Natal is trying for: Kung-Fu Live uses full-body skeleton tracking to track the player’s moves in real-time. Thus, people have been saying that our game and tech using the PlayStation Eye is stealing the thunder from Natal. LOL!

So it appears that the PlayStation 3 already does everything, so bothering with anything else seems all but futile at this point. As the race for motion controller supremacy begins heat up, expect shots back and forth between both Sony and Microsoft over the coming months. One has to wonder though, with Sony having not only having the PlayStation Eye but their physical motion controllers to fall back on, does Natal even stand a chance?

[viddler id=857cf0ac&w=437&h=288]

Look for Kung-Fu LIVE to hit the PSN later this year, just make sure to stretch beforehand!