Sony Punches Competitors ‘Lights Out’ with New Trademark

Sony is gearing up for a ‘fight’ on the motion controller front with the PlayStation Move. The PlayStation Move, which is set to launch this Fall, is going up against the likes of Microsoft’s Natal motion camera for the Xbox 360 and the already majorly successful Nintendo Wii. According to this new trademark, it appears that Sony will come out swinging.

SCEA has just trademarked the name The Fight: Lights Out. The title, The Fight: Lights Out, is likely going to be the official name for the upcoming PlayStation Move based-fighting game that is currently known by its working title, Motion Fighters.

It seems that Sony has been finalizing the names on may of their motion controller titles. As recently as last week a trademark was filed for Kung-Fu Riders, which is likely the official name for Sliders (working title). A trademark for The Shoot was also filed.

Stick with PlayStation LifeStyle for any official announcements.

[Thanks Kendrick for the tip!]