Anthem Launch Chart Timeline

Anthem’s Fragmented Launch Might Be a Mess, But Only For a Week

We’re nearing the date when Anthem finally launches. Sort of. See, onceRead the full article…

Xion Is the Worst Character in the Kingdom Hearts Series

Best thing about 358/2 Days was that I got to kill her.

A Tale of Three Hearts: Dissecting Sora’s Heart

Let’s get this under the knife, shall we?

mega man legends legacy collection

Dear Capcom: It’s Time for Mega Man Legends Legacy Collection

We gotta bring our boy Volnutt back.

Days Gone info

Why You Should Freak Out Over Days Gone

Does Days Gone seem more like Days Yawn, AMIRITE? Well, perhaps you shouldn’t sleep on it just yet.

resident evil 2 metroidvania 1

Is Resident Evil 2 a Metroidvania?

Yes, we’re going there.

Destiny 3 bungie activision split

Destiny 3 Needs to Happen More Than Ever After the Bungie Activision Split

Now Bungie can create a game that’s purely theirs.

Destiny 2 Niobe Labs

Destiny 2’s Niobe Labs Should Have Been a Secret, Not a Content Gate (Update)

The puzzle itself is good, but the way it roadblocked content was not.

kingdom hearts games ranked

Kingdom Hearts, the Story so Far, Games Ranked

I didn’t have a heart for some of these.

the last of us part 2 multiplayer microtransactions

So What if You Can Buy Guns in The Last of Us Part 2’s Multiplayer?

If the mode is good enough, and they handle it like they did at first, it won’t matter.

the sinking city

Why The Sinking City Has Potential to be the Best Lovecraftian Game in Years: Part 2

More reasons as to why The Sinking City is worth getting excited about.

The Sinking City Lovecraft

Why The Sinking City Has Potential to be the Best Lovecraftian Game in Years: Part 1

The Sinking City looks amazing so far.

horizon zero dawn 2

What to Expect in Horizon Zero Dawn 2

What would you like to see in Horizon Zero Dawn 2?

god of war valkyries

What Made the God of War Valkyries So Good

Annoyingly hard, but brilliant nonetheless.

the last of us part 2 release

The Last of Us Part II is Just Around the Corner

Are you excited?

spider man dlc

The Scary Thing About Spider-Man DLC

Spider Man DLC; good, but…

Fallout 76 is not good

Fallout 76: Another No Man’s Sky

Fallout 76 might be good in two years.

god of war ragnarok

God of War: Rewriting Ragnarok

The end of all things, eh? I wonder what Kratos thinks about that.

Video Game microtransactions

Double Standards – Moving Forward With Microtransactions

The conversation will stagnate unless we change how we discuss them.

what does gaming teach us about death

What Does Gaming Teach Us About Death?

YOU DIED—again! It’s all part of a learning experience, though.