Splatterhouse Rips-’em-up On Halloween

May 26, 2010Written by Christopher Gordon-Douglas

Splatterhouse, a 2010 remake of the bone crunching, spine tingling, blood-and-organ spewing 1988 classic is set to share a date with the spookiest day of the year. Splatterhouse consists of platforming, puzzle solving, and brutal combat as players assume the role of Rick in search of his girlfriend and discovers a mask that imbues the wearer with great power and a thirst for blood. The game is currently scheduled for a release this Autumn and Namco Bandai has said when exactly it will be.

Today a Namco Bandai representative has all but confirmed that the game will be released around, what is undoubtedly an appropriate release date, Halloween.

In Splatterhouse players will learn how to harness and focus the juggernaut power of Rick in order to perform countless brutal attacks and stop his relentless opponents from gaining the upper hand. Also, the dynamic combat system will see Rick performing bone-smashing combos and grapples makes this bloody-gruesome title one not to miss out on.

Check out the latest recently released trailer in the world of Splatterhouse.