Elden Ring Death Stats

Elden Ring Death Stats Revealed, Here’s How Many Times Players Died

Elden Ring recently celebrated its first anniversary and Bandai Namco has now released some player stats for your consumption, including the inevitable death tolls. Not only does the publisher list how many times players died for different reasons, but they also reveal the most popular bosses, spells, and incantations.

How many times did players die in Elden Ring?

Players have managed to tot up more than 9 billion deaths in nearly 13 months since the game’s release. According to the death stats, over 6.2 billion were because of enemies and NPCs, while around 180 million were because of another Elden Ring player. This left approximately 1.26 billion players to fall to their death, and 1.35 billion players to die from status effects like Poison, Scarlet Rot, Blood Loss, Frostbite, Sleep, Madness, and Death Blight.

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There has been nearly 6 billion attempts to take down a boss in the Elden Ring. Malenia is by far the most popular of those with 329 million boss battles, with the game’s first boss Margit coming second with 281 million and Limgrave a close third with 277 million. Elsewhere, Rock Sling was the most popular spell while Blessing of the Erdtree was the most acquired incantation, perhaps as players prepare for the upcoming Shadow of the Erdtree DLC.