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Almost 70% of Elden Ring Players Have Beat the First Major Boss

To the surprise of no one, Elden Ring is a difficult game. FromSoftware’s games are known for their challenging combat that emphasizes timing and movement. What is shocking is how many players have risen to the occasion. The first major boss of the game, Margit The Fell Omen, is one of the harder enemies players will encounter, but almost 70% of players who own Elden Ring on PS4 or PS5 have defeated him.

Why is beating Margit in Elden Ring a big deal?

Elden Ring Margit

Those who have played Elden Ring can attest that the fight against Margit is tough, especially for those who haven’t played a Souls game before. At the point in the game, you face him, you’ll likely be low-leveled, your weapon will be probably only have been upgraded a few times, and the same goes for your Spirit Ashes. You also can’t respec yet, so you’re stuck with what meager stats you’ve accrued.

Margit is fast, hits hard, and has several area of effect attacks that are difficult to avoid. So, the fact that 68% of players on PS5 players and 71% on PS4 have taken him down is astonishing. However, only around 5% of those who own the game on PlayStation consoles have gotten one ending trophies. With a game this big, though, some people will have to stretch their playthroughs over multiple months.

While Dark Souls has been an incredibly popular franchise, Elden Ring is the first FromSoftware game to truly hit the mainstream. Fans have praised it for its environmental design, which encourages exploration and gameplay that doesn’t hold your hand. It’s great to see so many players conquered the first big blocker in the game, and we wish them well on their journey through the Lands Between.

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