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Japan goes 3D on June 10th

May 31, 2010Written by Corey Schwanz

The launch of Sony’s 3D televisions is upon us, but we haven’t actually been told when games will be getting the new and fancy upgrade into the third dimension. Looks like the wait is over.

Back in the Land of the Rising Sun the PS3 games will begin to launch updates for their 3D games. Super Stardust HDWipeout HD, and PAIN are the launch titles for the system. The first two games will require an update before they function, while the latter will require a ¥300 (USD$3.20) patch to play the game, even if you already own the game. Odd. No new firmware is expected any time soon as the previous update got most of the 3D changes taken care of. Once again, this announcement is only from Sony Japan and information regarding US and PAL release dates will be coming “shortly.”