ModNation Racers – Trophy Guide

ModNation Racers is finally here and now everyone has had a chance to express themselves with the powerful creation tools. Despite the welcoming artistic style of ModNation, the trophies are quite a challenge. Thankfully we’ve written up a guide that will set you well on your way to earning the elusive platinum trophy…

Newcomer (Bronze)

Complete the qualifier race

– Upon starting the game for the first time, you will be required to finish an initial tutorial race dubbed the “qualifier”. All you need to do is finish the race.

Mechanic (Bronze)

Create a kart in Kart Studio

– Enter the Creation Station in the ModSpot and create a new kart. Upon choosing a body for the kart, optional paint and accessories you will be able to name the kart. Name your kart and save it to earn this trophy.

Sculptor (Bronze)

Create a track in Track Studio

– Enter the Creation Station in the ModSpot and then enter the Track Studio. Upon completing a track that connects from start to finish and saving the track, you will earn this trophy.

Dresser (Bronze)

Create a Mod in Mod Studio

– Enter the Creation Station in the ModSpot and create a new mod. Once you’re done designing a mod you’ll able to name the mod. Name your mod and save it to earn this trophy.

Shopping Spree (Bronze)

Enter the Shop

– Enter the Creation Station in the ModSpot and select the Shop. Upon entering the Shop you will earn this trophy.

Fill’er Up (Bronze)

Fill your boost meter

– During a race, fill the boost meter to full capacity by drifting, drafting, damaging other players with weapons and/or doing spins midair. Sideswiping, boosting and using your shield uses the boost meter so avoid using these if you want to fill up the meter easier.

Knockin’ Boost (Bronze)

Drive over 100 boost pads

– Over the span of as many races as you require, drive over a total of 100 boost pads. Both the purple and green colors boost pads count toward your total. You can view your total under the stat sheet.

ModSpot Explorer (Bronze)

Visit all the locations in ModSpot

– The ModSpot is the 3D main lobby for ModNation Racers. Visit and interact with all of the available stations in the ModSpot to unlock this trophy. The locations include the following:

Online Race

Quick Race

Split Screen

Global Top Race Statue

Hot Lap

Friends Hot Lap

Top Tracks

Top Mods

Top Karts

Top Players


Creation Station


Coming Attractions

Current ModSpot

Headspinner (Bronze)

Do a 1080 spin and land successfully

– During a race, launch off a ramp and do 3 full spins (1080 degrees) in the air. This requires a large ramp which can be found on several of the tracks throughout campaign mode. You can also play one of the “Headspinner” user-created tracks to earn the trophy easily.

Taster Session (Bronze)

Try all the game modes in Single Player Race

– Enter the ModSpot and drive to the Race Station area then enter the following race types:


Quick Race (Action)

Quick Race (Pure)

Time Trial

Trigger Happy (Bronze)

Use all the weapons in the game

– There are 4 weapons in the game which can all be upgraded to both Level 2 and Level 3. You must use every weapon with every variation as well as each weapon’s secondary in order to unlock this trophy. There are a total of 16 different styles of weaponry including Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and a Secondary for each of the 4 weapons. To use a secondary, hold square with a weapon of any level equipped.

Fast Learner (Bronze)

Complete all the race tutorials, and watch all the video tutorials

– There are a total of 7 race tutorials, 5 of which span several of the campaign levels, 1 for Time Trial and another for Hot Lap. The video tutorials are available in the ModSpot within the Start Menu and there are a total of 19 videos. You must view all 7 race tutorials and all 19 video tutorials in order to unlock this trophy.

Pioneer Racer (Bronze)

Be part of the first race on a published track

– There are 2 ways to do this, the hard way and the easy way. The hard way requires that you find an unplayed track online and complete an online casual race with 1 or more opponents before anyone else does. The easy way is to make your own track and immediately begin a casual race on it with 1 or more other players.

Drifting Superstar (Bronze)

Earn 100,000 drift points in one drift

– In order to accumulate 100,000 drift points in one drift, you literally have to drift a whole lap on a lengthy track. The easiest way to do this is to play one of the user-created tracks that are designed for the trophy and do 1 continuous drift around the track in order to earn the 100,000 drift points required. For an example, see the video below:

The Drifter (Bronze)

Drift 1,000 times in total

– Drift a total of 1,000 times in order to unlock this trophy. Drifting is a critical part of racing so this should be unlocked through normal means.

Slow and Steady (Bronze)

Win an action race without using any boost or using a boost pad

– While in Career Mode or or Quick Race Mode, win a race without using boost or driving over a boost pad. It is recommended that you use your shield and weapons selectively to make up for the lack of boost. You can do a Quick Race set on Easy with only 3 AI Racers if you have trouble unlocking this trophy.

Pacifist (Bronze)

Win an action race without firing any weapons

– While in Career mode or Quick Race mode, get 1st place in a race without using a weapon or sideswiping an opponent.

Series Winner (Bronze)

Win a ranked race series

– Enter the ModSpot and select an XP Series in the Race Station. Upon winning an XP Race Series you will unlock this trophy.

ModNation™ Prospect (Bronze)

Earn at least 1,000 Total XP (including Race XP and Create XP)

– XP is earned from XP Races, XP Series and from earning Create XP. Create XP is earned from other users downloaded, viewing and/or using your created tracks, mods and karts. Upon accumulating 1,000 total XP you will unlock this trophy.

Say Cheese! (Bronze)

Use photo mode in a race, in a studio, or in the ModSpot

– You can earn this trophy by taking a photo while racing, while in the studio or while in the ModSpot. When in any of the 3 portions of the game, press start and go to Photo Mode. Upon taking a photo you will unlock this trophy.

Beat Down (Bronze)

Win your first online action race on a particular published track

– You can earn this by winning a race on another user’s track or on your own published track. The race must be won in Casual Mode and you must have 1 or more online opponents to earn this trophy.