Play TV 2 a Strong Possibility

May 31, 2010Written by Kyle P.

Gamers in Europe have been enjoying their Play TV boxes for some time now. The rest of the world, including North America, due to a handful of reasons, have been unable to enjoy the magic Sony’s little black box brings forth. In a recent interview, a member of Sony’s highly acclaimed Cambridge studio, whether intentional or by mistake, announced development on a successor to Play TV.

Responding to a question regarding the studio’s future work, Mark Green said the following:

We’re still working on Play TV, Play TV 2. And then we have other guys working on other concepts…

Sony, up until this point, have not even talked about a successor. No details have been given, and we at PSLS suspect a wave of information will flow at this year’s E3. Until then, we will be cautiously optimistic.

For our European readers, have you been enjoying Play TV? Give us your thoughts in the comments section below.