FIFA Makes Huge Splash in PlayStation Home

Fans of the FIFA series and gamers alike will definitely be getting their “kicks in” this week in Home.

Having just released today in PlayStation Home, Sony’s ‘FevaArena’ space is now available to the masses. This truly is one of the most impressive spaces to hit the social network for many reasons, with one being that it’s just downright gorgeous. This modernized soccer (or football) stadium is massive, with several activities for visitors to partake in. Out in the lobby users can take personalized photos with up to eleven people with FIFA inspired backdrops. Head into the inner sanctum of the stadium and on to the field to reveal a soccer mini-game where players have a certain amount of tries to hit various targets, as well as a booth for PlayStation Home inspired digital wagering on which World Cup team will win each game.

All this is set to some neat beats along with a n insanely massive display showing off some pretty impressive HD real-world soccer footage. If all this wasn’t cool enough, the space will be receiving an international lobby on June 10th, where Home users from all around the world can meet up and discuss their favorite athletic events or just gaming in general. This will mark a huge milestone for the service, as users have been clamoring for a way to interact with their multi-regional friends ever since the feature was removed after the Closed Beta phase ended.

If you haven’t visited Home in awhile, this might be the perfect excuse to do so. Stay tuned to PlayStation LifeStyle, as we’ll be sure to bring you full coverage of the international FIFA lobby when it goes live next week.