Nintendo Views Move as a “Threat”

Since its 2006 release the Nintendo Wii has enjoyed much commercial success, outpacing its competitors to be the number one console in terms of sales this generation. This is mostly due to the console’s popularity within the casual market and their fondness of the Wii’s unique, easy-to-use, motion-based controller. Posing as direct competition to the Wii’s success, Sony announced last year at E3 that they would be dipping their toes into Nintendo’s bottom line, by releasing their own, more precise motion controller. And you’ve guessed it, Nintendo isn’t happy.

Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto while speaking to Edge, has stated that Microsoft and Sony’s rush to motion peripheral with Natal and Move is “threatening”.

“Whenever something we have created and presented is followed by copies, we always feel it is threatening,”

“More than that, we’re concerned that others are trying to do something similar for the sake of it. It’s not encouraging to Nintendo.”

Sony’s motion-controller, the PlayStation Move will launch later this year and most undoubtedly will feature in Sony’s E3 press conference. For all the latest news from E3 be sure to check PlayStation LifeStyle regularly throughout the event.