Infamous 2 Details Emerge

Infamous’ solid critical and commercial performance all but guaranteed that Sucker Punch would try their hand at a sequel. The game was finally revealed recently thanks to the cover of next month’s issue of Game Informer, however, details were minimum. Until now that is.

The new details which has surfaced suggest a whole slew of changes from its predecessor. The details include:

  • A new city called New Marais, which is a fictional New Orleans.
  • Cole hasn’t aged either way, instead he is simply re-designed.
  • Cole is voiced by a new voice actor.
  • Cole will be spending his time in the game becoming a “super-super hero” in order to be able to beat the beast, this will involve him will be ramping up his power from the last game.
  • There are now real cut-scenes as well as the traditional comic strip narrative.
  • You won’t just jump up buildings but will construct ways to make it up buildings using objects.
  • There will be some new powers outside of electricity but Cole will still be the electric super hero.
  • Melee weapons feature.
  • Zeke is more helpful.
  • More people, cars and generally more happening in the game.

Sony will reveal additional details about the game during the upcoming E3 expo.