Sucker Punch Talks Cole Redesign

The internet has been abuzz recently with the official unveiling of inFamous 2. Sucker Punch’s latest title, the sequel to arguably one of the best titles on the PS3, is drawing a lot of fire for a complete redesign of the series’ protagonist, Cole McGrath. In an interview with Game Informer, a member of the acclaimed studio reveals why the drastic redesign on the beloved character.

Art director Matthias Lorenz said they wanted a “more appealing, more compelling main character,” so that is why they decided upon a redesign. With regards to his new personality, Animation Director Billy Harper revealed the studio wanted Cole to be  “a little gritty, a little street, without the grumpiness.” Going farther, they described Cole as an “EXTREME sports star – like Travis Pastrana, Tony Hawk or Chris Sharma – what would they be like if they had super powers.”

Hopefully Sucker Punch and Sony will show off a trailer or release some concrete information about the game. So far, the redesign is scaring fans of the original game, who fell in love with the aura of awesomeness surrounding Cole. Just remember, PSLS will bring you all the latest information from inFamous 2 and more, straight from E3!