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Sony: PSPgo Release was to Test “Consumer Behavior”

The PSPgo has been on the market for under a year now, and the response has been mixed. Having no physical medium, the handheld only plays downloadable titles. Currently, aside for some notable Apple products, there are no handhelds or consoles on the market now, that sport this downloadable-only strategy. Being the first in the market sometimes is a risk, and in a recent interview, SCEE President, Andrew House, talked about how the release of the PSPgo was only to test “consumer behavior”.

Speaking with MCV, House said Sony has learned a lot regarding consumer behavior and buying patterns, and all of that can be credited to the PSPgo.

“It was introduced in a mature lifecycle to learn more about what the consumer wanted and we’ve definitely learnt a lot. Is that measured by success in sales? I don’t think it is.

“One of the reasons we launched PSPgo was to understand where that consumer behavior was going. We were getting signals from consumers that this was the kind of device that they wanted.”

House continued, citing the need for consumers “packaged” libraries.

“But we need to recognize that consumers like their packaged media library.”

This only makes us more excited for next week’s E3. It has been long rumored that Sony has been hard at work on a true successor to the PlayStation Portable: the PSP2. In any case, PSLS will not only be at the Sony Press Conference, but the entire convention, for the entire week! So stick with us as we witness history.