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Kojima Counting Down to More Metal Gear

Last year, the legendary Hideo Kojima and his development studio, Kojima Productions teased Metal Gear Solid: Rising and Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker through a special countdown site. The countdown of course ended during Konami’s E3 press conference where Kojima himself took the stage to reveal details (though both games had previously been revealed at Sony’s and Microsoft’s press conferences) on the two new Metal Gear titles.

It looks like Kojima is up to his old tricks as a new countdown has been revealed, and we’ve uncovered some proof that it may have to do with Metal Gear yet again.

If you visit the Kojima Productions “E3 2010 special site”, you’ll be greeted with the oddest of sights. Along with the countdown, a flash video plays on loop of various cutting tools; everything from circular saws, to paring knives are on display cutting everything from wood to veggies.

Yes, this is strange, even for Kojima. So what could Kojima be teasing? Our guess is something having to do with Metal Gear Solid: Rising mostly due to the theme of cutting tools fitting in perfectly with Raiden’s (is it even Raiden?) sword.

To further back this up, when you check the website‘s page info, one of the page’s keywords is ‘Metal Gear’. Of course this could mean anything, but due to the theme of cutting tools, we’re thinking that Lightning Bolt Action is going to strike at E3 for a second time.

To visit the Kojima Productions countdown site, click here.

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