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Raiden Hasn’t Codec Called Solid Snake for his ‘Rise’ To Fame

Love him or hate him, Raiden has become a major part of the Metal Gear Solid universe. From coming out of nowhere in Metal Gear Solid 2, Raiden has had a long and controversial road to stardom that he thankfully made up for in Metal Gear Solid 4. Fighting a room full of bad guys with NO ARMS and a katana in your mouth is pretty epic, if I do say so myself. With the E3 commencing in less than a week, you can bet that Hideo Kojima is ready to unleash Metal Gear Solid: Rising upon the gaming world and it seems more and more likely that Raiden won’t be needing Snake for his latest Mission. Details inside!

When speaking with MTV Multiplayer, the man who will be remembered for voicing the legendary Solid Snake long after he is gone, David Hayter, spoke about how Konami has NOT contacted him about reliving his role as Snake in MGS: R.

I don’t know if I’m doing ‘Metal Gear Rising. Nobody’s contacted me about it, so I have no idea.

However Solid Snake fans, don’t be sending Hideo any death threats (yikes!) too soon…

They usually call me once the Japanese game is done and they’re starting to get into the English translation. So we’re not completely done, but it’s on its way by the time they get in touch with me.

While there’s certainly still a chance our favorite old’ man will appear in the game, don’t expect Snake to be stealing the spotlight from Raiden like Raiden did in Metal Gear Solid 2. Snake’s too old for that kinda stuff, ya know?

E3 begins next Monday. With a Staff of 8 PSLSers hitting the Los Angeles and a killer crew of dedicated staffers back at the base, you better be checking PlayStation LifeStyle a 100 times a day for all the latest gaming news and interviews at E3! Heck, ya never know…we could have some Metal Gear Solid: Rising hands-on for all of you Metal Gear fans out there!