In-depth PlayStation Move Video Airs

Revealed at E3 last year and based on hand-held motion controller wand, PlayStation Move uses the PlayStation Eye camera to track the wand’s position, and inertial sensors in the wand to detect its motion. Sony aim to hold off competition from Wii and Natal by treating Move’s debut as its own major “platform launch,” planning an aggressive marketing campaign to support it. The slogan for the for the Move motion controller will be “This Changes Everything” which was revealed to be plastered all over the E3 convention. Today a video which has an in-depth look at the PlayStation Move and its games has surfaced, the video is in German.


With E3 right around the corner, expect PlayStation Move to me featured heavily throughout Sony’s E3 as well as their press conference with the peripheral due out this year, so be sure to check out PlayStation LifeStyle for all the latest and greatest news from E3.